Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cantigny Park | Winfield, IL | Engram Family

When we were discussing a place for family photos, Melissa and I were trying to come up with somewhere beautiful and she had suggested downtown Geneva. I've heard it's really pretty there, never been! Then I got to thinking that as I normally drive to my BFFs house in Wheaton, I pass by Cantigny Park every time and think, I HAVE to do photos there some day. Well, that's where we ended up going and it was perfect.

I hope you enjoy the photos below. I had a lot of fun capturing Kamryn's silly side as well as the bond of this family and the love of husband and wife, Melissa and Kevin.

I love comments, so comment away! I also have these in black and white and I may do another post with just those! You can always check them out on my Facebook page:

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Judy Pelinski said...

Love the one on the bridge with Kamryn on his shoulders!